Become Divine


Soul Mastery Coach

Transpersonal Psychologist, Spiritual Healer.

Find out your highest divine plan from your soul blueprint

THe Divine Soul BluePrint

Unlock your highest potential.

I will bring you the exact file from your Akashic records that will tell you exactly what your highest divine soul plan is - yes, the plan that was given to you when you were created.

  • Email me a photo of you

    The soul has no birthdate. All I require is a photo of you, alone to begin to scribe your 4 page soul blueprint

  • The 4 Pages of the blueprint

    The blueprint will consist of 4 pages stating your Spiritual Nature, Physical Nature, Mental Nature, Divine Wisdom, 1 character you were in your past life and whether you are a divine soulmate, twin-flame or twin-ray aspect.

Anastasia Deva

Transpersonal Counseling

Book a session to start your transformation coaching one on one, virtual or in person.

Detox your mind, body, soul

Addictions, personality disorder

Working from the root cause, we remove the issues that created these addictions and mental disorders to begin with. The necessary tools used will take you to a place of exact stimulation of the entirety of your being

Clear Conscious

salvation cleanse of the spirit

There are etheric entities that latch on to your soul body, these entities try to take over our lives and make us susceptible to making bad decisions and attract the worst outcomes for ourselves, taking us away from our higher calling. When these are removed you begin you road to the highest success of your life.

Are your decisions the highest potential for your business?

business & personal coaching

The best way to be in business is to actually make the highest decisions for the outcomes of your business and deliver. Your session can give you the highest possible decisions to make your business a success.

Are you dating your highest potential partner or are you settling for toxic mates?

relationship and soul companion therapy

Whether you need advice on choosing the right partner or understanding how to handle problems that occur in regular soulmate relationships or with your twin aspect union. I am here to assist you to all thoughts and healings in any love matters. I am able to see all intentions of any soul and this is how you will be guided to the highest decisions in your life.

Detox Program

A special 7 day detox plan devised for your exact ph and alkaline state. This reading is done to assure the optimum results for alkaline levels. Send a photo of your full body vessel scan for the detox report.

  • natural detox
  • detox¬†
  • juicing
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